How to Choose the Right Pet Food Bag Packaging Manufacturer

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July 13, 2021
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Are you starting your pet food bag business? If so, you will need to follow the best practices used by top pet food bags manufacturers. With the evolving of packaging machinery technology for your pet food bag packaging business, you also need to consider some factors.  

When you think about the packaging of your pet food bag, your first thought might go to the icon, graphics, the ingredients from which the food is made, or the nutrients. You need to select the right canvas before you design a picture.

Apart from pet food bags, the business of washing powders bags has also grown. Washing powder bag manufacturers are growing their demand by providing attractive and quality bags to the customers for their businesses.

Style of your bag:

If we go back in the past, we know the stores were jam-packed with paper bags. As there was no advanced technology, plain bags were used. As compared to old times, in today’s world the technology has been advanced, and there are a lot of competitions between several brands. New ideas and attractive designs are now advancing with different brands. Below is the list of bag styles that can be used.

Stand-up Pouches:

Stand-up pouches are the most cost-effective packing option for items weighing 1 to 8 pounds. Except for treats, two-panel SUPs have lost their proficiency in the pet food aisle because of the quantity of mandatory regulatory and government information currently required and the market trend toward higher-end items.

Bags that are Quad Seal:

The quad seal bag is the best place to start if you are seeking cost-effective larger-volume bags. This is a good option for brands that want to expand their canvas to four panels while staying within their budget. If you want a reseal-able closure, you can get one, although it will be compromised in this form.

Bags with Flat Bottom:

These bags are new to the market of pet food bags, and with their slightly higher price, they have taken off popularity in recent years. This style is suitable for items weighing from 2 lbs to 25 lbs. These bags stand well for smaller volumes and have excellent shelf usage. It provides the best face to market your brand.

Bags with pinch Bottom:

These are designed with or without fold-over bottoms and are suitable for large volumes. These bags are usually stored on the bottom shelf, and this is the major focus on customers.

Selecting the Best Material:

Many pet food bags today are multi-layered, with polyester/polyester and polyester/metalized-polyester/polyester being the most prevalent. To help set their product apart visually, pet food brands are using matte or soft-touch matte surfaces in their packaging. Plastic is popular and provides a level of freshness that is difficult to replicate with other materials. New materials are being developed, including many sustainable possibilities.

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