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Choose Right Packaging Materials for Safe Transportation
July 13, 2021
washing powder bag

Are you a business owner of a detergent company? If yes, then washing powder bag manufacturers are the ones you are looking for. Washing powder is a basic item in everyday life. It has a strong function for cleaning.

Therefore, it is difficult to carry loose powder while traveling. Manufacturers of washing powder bags have made it easy by providing a bag where the product is protected. It is also handy.

The packaging of detergent can be customized according to your product. Using proper packaging, your product will maintain its fragrance and quality for a long time.

Features of washing powder packaging:

  • They provide protection from moisture.
  • Packaging of washing powder makes bags strong and long-lasting.
  • They can be kept in the store or cabinet for a long time.
  • Attractive packaging will improve sales.
  • Washing powder businesses always go for unique packaging.
  • Creative packaging will distinguish your product from others.
  • Keeps detergent safe from dirt.
  • Preserves the aroma of your product.

How Customized Packaging will benefit your business:

Improving Brand Value:

Flexible packaging will make it easier to produce various formats and designs for pouches. This will make your product expand in the market and improve its value. The presentation and demand in the market are important to attract target customers.

Increasing Lifespan by Packaging:

Your product’s strong packaging will keep it protected from moisture and dirt, and it will also preserve its quality, freshness, and fragrance. This will increase its shelf life.

High reliability and functionality:

The manual packaging process will have some defects and faults for a human. By the machined process of packaging, several tasks such as filling, capping, sealing, and labeling are handled with speed and efficiency. Less human interference will reduce the chance of human errors. The machine process ensures authenticity and flexibility.


While computerized powder packing machines require a significant initial investment, they will help you attain and bolt your production capacity in the long run. Human errors will be removed, and labor costs will be reduced.

Washing Powder Packaging Formats:

Some formats are:

Small sachets and stick packs:

These are small flexible pouches and becoming increasingly popular as single-serve or sample sizes because of their economy, mobility, and low waste.

Pillow Pouches:

For retail packaging of powders, the center seal pillow pouch is the simplest and most typical method. They are inexpensive, and they are very popular for packing little batches.

Vertical Pouches:

Standee pouches, gusset pouches, and PENTA Seal are some of the vertical pouch forms, which come with or without zippers, handles, D-cuts, and other features.


These famous stand-up pouches can be ordered with or without a zipper.

Quad Seal Packs:

These are used to package bigger quantities of products like tea and coffee, and they are believed to keep the powder fresh and aromatic for longer.

Bottles and Jars:

When moisture-proof and strong packaging is required, bottles and jars are the best options. Jar and bottle enable quick and accurate filling and capping.

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